Textile design beginnings

When I was growing up, I remember the sleepless nights my father spent hand painting beautiful floral patterns onto separate layers of acetate. As the founder and owner of EFS Designs, his artistic abilities were what helped set his company apart from the rest 30 years ago. Back then, the process of creating a hand-printed textile was intense and impressive. As a curious child, I wanted to try to help. He taught me how to hold the brush correctly and properly soak it into the opaque photographic ink. Also, how to apply it gracefully onto the acetate accurately mimicking the flow of the brushstrokes found in the original artwork.

My interest in textile design kept growing, and as I got older, I began to learn about the different kinds of repetitions. The repeat in textile design is what enables large pieces of fabrics to be printed without breaks or awkward gaps in a pattern.

I remember when I began to get more involved with the pre-production process at EFS Designs, I would watch and learn from the graphic designer at the time. Before Photoshop, there was Coral Draw, and it was with this software that I would begin my self taught journey into digital textile design. Once Photoshop arrived, the concepts of layers and tools were the same but better! By the time I was 16, I was helping out recreating children themed watercolor paintings for textiles that would be sampled for the production of baby furniture.

My learning process was through trial and error. Sometimes I would get it right the first time, but there were other times where I had to learn the hard way that one must double-check, wait a minute, triple check a print repeat before passing on acetate for engraving. Oh, the patience our screen engraver Cirilo had with me at EFS. Allowing me to make up for the mistakes even when that meant holding production back so I can get it right. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to not only learn from the best but to have the support of a crew that could see my passion and potential for the craft.

The following pictures are examples of the first textile design reproduction for EFS Designs Inc. in the early 2000s

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